Contemporary "No Fuss" Multiple Door Hook Rack

To allow you total freedom of placement and arrangement, the team of European designers at Zack have created the Stainless Steel Exit Multiple Door Hook. This piece requires no installation at all, in fact it can simply be hung over any door you wish, and can carry up to four garments at a time. This stylish, functional design is constructed from hard-to-tarnish stainless steel making it both attractive and durable.
Exit Multiple Door Hook
Much like the Single Door Hook, also in the Exit range, this piece utilises a single sheet of steel that has been manipulated and curved to fit around the door itself. The rounded off pegs will ensure that the towels or jackets come to no harm. The nature of this item means you can place it anywhere in the house, and it is slender enough to allow doors to be opened and closed with ease.
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