About Us

Proleno Limited is based at offices in the Bedfordshire countryside where we have our administrative office, customer services department and warehouse all on one site.

Having started selling online in 2003, we found our niche in designer homewares. In particular, we have long been a champion of products designed by Zack of Germany, and we are able to supply any product from their current range.

We are passionate about customer service and everyone at Proleno is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We only promote high quality products that are built to last. Sustainability is important to us and to support that ethos, we can supply spare parts for most of the products that we sell. Hopefully not needed, it is better to replace a broken pump than a complete soap dispenser.

We are committed to our core values and high standards and will not compromise on these, ever. We recognize and value the contribution made to the success of our Company by our employees, clients, customers, suppliers and service providers, and will be fair in the way we conduct our business at all times.

As well as discerning individuals with an eye for style, our customers include small and large businesses, from bed and breakfast establishments to high-end restaurants and hotel chains.