Contemporary Self-Adhesive Towel Hook Rail

Ideal for a busy family wanting to make that morning bathroom rush hour a little easier, Zack have come up with the stainless steel Appeso Self-Adhesive Towel Hook Rail. Not only does it provide one-of-a-kind design with unbeatable durabilty and funtionality, but with four hooks set into one cut and moulded sheet of stainless steel, the Appeso Self-Adhesive Towel Hook Rail is perfect for the modern family bathroom.
Appeso Self-Adhesive Towel Hook Rail
While the brushed stainless steel guarantees a quality piece of furnishing to last for years to come, its self-adhesive back allows you to install this Appeso Self-Adhesive Towel Hook rail securely, swiftly and easily anywhere that you choose.
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