Minimalist Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder

Typical Zack minimalism is in evidence in this Mimo Toilet Roll Holder that is suitable for either storing spare toilet rolls or, as is the current trend, it works brilliantly as a free standing alternative to the traditional wall mounted article. A simple, functional bathroom accessory that has been constructed to the first-class standards that Zack customers have become accustomed to. This brushed stainless steel product slots in effortlessly with the contemporary bathroom setting, with clean lines that will stand the test of time both in terms of looks and durability.
Zack Stainless Steel Mimo Toilet Roll Holder


This beautifully manufactured example of shiny functionality looks fabulous by itself but is also splendidly complimentary to other Zack bathroom accessories that you already own. An affordable way to start enjoying Zack's contemporary take on everyday items. Also available in polished stainless steel and powder-coated black finishes.

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