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Smedbo Frosted Glass Container (Fits All SMEDBO Toilet Brushes) N334

Smedbo Frosted Glass Container (Fits All SMEDBO Toilet Brushes) N334


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The Smedbo Frosted Glass Container (Fits All SMEDBO Toilet Brushes) N334

This part fits the following SMEDBO items:
All SMEDBO Toilet Brush Sets

Glass Colour: White

We know that accidents sometimes happen or simply that your much loved product from SMEDBO has suffered a little from general wear and tear. SMEDBO supplies a wide range of spares and replacement parts that can have your SMEDBO product looking like new for a fraction of the cost of replacing the item completely.

Proleno carries most items ex-stock so if it's in stock when you order it will be shipped to you within one working day. If the item is out of stock you can still order in the usual manner and your item will be sent to us from Sweden within a few days. We'll ship it to you as soon as it arrives. We'll also email you updates along the way so that you know the status of your order.

Please note that replacement parts and spares are generally item-specific so please ensure that you order the correct part for the item that you have. Experience has shown us that "taking a stab" at something that sort of looks like what you have generally doesn't work. If you are unsure of the model that you have and need parts, please contact us before ordering. We are always happy to help. Even better, take out that camera phone, take an image or two of the item and send them to us at as we can then identify the exact model that you have and give you advice on which parts you need.

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