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Zack Xero Brushed Stainless Steel 5:1 Swivelling Wall Mirror 40021

Zack Xero Brushed Stainless Steel 5:1 Swivelling Wall Mirror 40021


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The Zack Xero Brushed Stainless Steel 5:1 Swivelling Wall Mirror 40021

Main Features:
Finish: Brushed 18/10 stainless steel
Zoom: 5x
Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 cm
Swivel Arm Length: 18 cm

The name Zack has stood for innovation and exclusivity for decades. Established in 1985, ZACK with its cooperation partners ZACK BENELUX and ZACK SCANDINAVIA is one of the leading providers of specialised stainless steel product ranges in Europe.

Zack‘s success over recent years shows how accurately the company addresses the wishes and expectations of its customers. The design of each article appears quite natural and logical, yet it is clear that the reduction to a few essential forms and materials requires extremely high quality standards. Every detail needs to be thought through to its core. And it is precisely this stylish exclusivity which embodies the ZACK brand.

Whether it is fire irons or a newspaper stand, a coffee maker, a fruit bowl or an oil lamp, small furniture for indoors and outdoors, as well as a large selection of bathroom articles – for every occasion,for every mood, for every individual area, you will find timeless design articles among the roughly 400 products in first-class
workmanship and with a balanced price-performance ratio.

With around 80 newly developed products every year, ZACK is constantly setting trends which permanently cement the positioning of the brand in the premium segment. You should not be satisfied with anything less. Go for the original!

Follow your style.
An expression of lifestyle and quality of life.

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