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Zack Mount Adhesive / Glue 12g

Zack Mount Adhesive / Glue 12g


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Zack Mount Adhesive 12g

Effortlessly mount ZACK bathroom accessories without unsightly drill holes by using ZACK MOUNT adhesive - perfect for a clean and simple alternative to screw mounting. This adhesive works best on solid, stable surfaces such as tiles, concrete, and certain plastics. It can be used to mount a variety of bathroom accessories from the ATORE, CARVO, LINEA, and SCALA collections. Please note: ZACK MOUNT adhesive is not recommended for lotus-coated surfaces.

Main Features:
Content: 12 g

Ideal for attaching bathroom accessories without drilling!
Holds your bathroom accessories securely in place on tiles, glass, concrete, wood, plaster, metals, many plastics, etc.

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